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With Sydney Christophe

ITTF Certified Course Conductor & Coach, USATT Certified National Coach, Former Caribbean and Central American champion. Lead coach at American Youth Table Tennis Organization, - Caribbean Hall of Famer 2011.

Adult Class

Our adult class emphasizes the health benefits of table tennis, such as improved hand-eye coordination and improved reflexes, while providing players the opportunity to meet others who are just as passionate about table tennis.

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Private Training

Qualified coaches set up lesson plans geared towards one’s goals as a table tennis player. Our intense training sessions provide the perfect balance of physical engagement and personal improvement.

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FTTC Hours and Rates (Effective January 22nd, 2019)

Business Hours
Monday to Friday 3:00PM-10:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM-10:00PM
Sunday 3:00PM-10:00PM
Hourly Player Rate
Reg. table 1 Hour 2 people $20
3 people $30
All Day Pass $15 per person rates apply after 2hour
Adult Senior/Junior *
1 Month $60 $50
3 Month $160 $120
Half Year $300 $250
1 Year $550 $450
  • Player’s age is over 65 or under 18; for family membership please refer to FTTC management
  • Paddle Rental $2/time
Lessons with Professional Coaches
One student each lesson Member Non-Member
Half hour (member) $30 $40
One hour (member) $60 $70
Half hour (non-member) $35 $45
One hour (non-member) $70 $80
Two students share one lesson
One Hour (member) $30/each $80
One Hour (non-member) $35/each $90
Group/Academy Lesson Prices
10 Lessons $170 $200
1 Lesson $25 $30
Membership Rewards /Benefits: Members can earn referral bonuses for referring friends who purchase a new membership to Flushing Table Tennis Center. Also, all members are invited to bring up to 3 first-time visitors to accompany them any time they visit the center


  • Practice with assistant coaches free for 10 minutes, hourly rate will apply thereafter
  • Non-member students play in the center before and after being coached, a basic $5.00 table fee will be charged.
  • All members are granted with unlimited privileges subject to the availability of tables. The management all rights to assign tables or limit the playing time to accommodate the hourly paid players
  • FTTC is not responsible for any inabilities for injury to players and/or property damage or loss.
  • Children under 12 years old and senior over 70 years old coming to center must be accompanied by an adult. Flushing Table Tennis Center will not be responsible for players and accompanying people’s injury, physical and property loss.
  • For keeping the court clean, players should change clean sneaker before entering the court.

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