Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginners

Hey ping pong enthusiasts! Looking to take your game to the next level, but can’t decide where too start? Take a look at our Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Beginner’s list to find the best ping pong paddles for your ping pong journey!

(Of course, if you’re looking for the best ping pong paddles out there, we recommend purchasing a professional custom made one, but these are just the best pre-made examples to get you started!)

Ping Pong Paddles Description and Price
1. Penn 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set, All Accessories IncludedFrom
Upgrade table tennis accessories with the Penn 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set and improve your table tennis experience. Featuring four table tennis paddles, six table tennis balls, and one paddle and ball storage pocket, this set comes complete with all accessories needed to play table tennis. Simply pair with a Classic Sport table tennis table and net for endless hours of fun games with friends and family. Convenient storage pouch allows players to easily store and transport table tennis paddles and table tennis balls during and between table tennis matches. Develop hand-eye coordination skills, increase stamina, practice aiming techniques, and have fun with this game set. No matter age or skill level, everyone will have fun learning a new game or practicing old skills with the Penn 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set.
Penn 4-Player Paddle & Ball Set includes four table tennis paddles, six table tennis balls, and one paddle and ball storage pocket.
Six durable table tennis balls designed for improved performance and consistent weight and bounce provide fast-paced play; as balls are lost or worn down, simply replace with a new ball. 
Top of the line table tennis paddles are carefully constructed with quality rubber and a sponge backing that provides a balanced and forgiving feel, perfect for players of all levels. 
Quickly transport and store the Paddle & Ball Set using the included paddle and ball storage pocket; the pocket is designed specifically to securely protect and preserve game accessories. 
Take table tennis to new and exciting levels; pair the Paddle & Ball Set with a table tennis table and start a friendly or fierce competition with friends and family.

2. Penn 3.0 Competition Table Tennis Paddle; Black Competition Grade RubberFrom
Take table tennis to the next level with the Penn 3.0 Competition Table Tennis Paddle. Constructed with quality materials, this paddle is the perfect way to learn table tennis skills. Featuring competition grade rubber, the paddle generates increased spin rate while the sponge backing allows for moderate speed and precision control, creating the ideal balance. The five-ply blade of the paddle provides lightweight and responsive striking; both beginners and intermediate players can enjoy the power of the paddle. With a concave handle, the paddle is specifically designed for increased comfort and grip and allows for long periods of table tennis play with friends or family. The Penn Competition Paddle helps both kids and adults learn how to play table tennis. Enjoy quality time with friends and family while experiencing a new and exciting game.Penn 3.0 Competition Table Tennis Paddle features competition grade rubber, sponge backing, a 5-ply blade, and a concave handle

With competition grade rubber, the paddle generates an increased spin rate of table tennis balls     
Sponge backing of Penn 3.0 Competition Table Tennis Paddle moderates speed and precision control during games of table tennis
The 5-ply blade of the paddle allows for lightweight and responsive striking, while the concave handle increases the comfort and grip of the paddle

To use the Penn 3.0 Competition Table Tennis Paddle, simply pair the paddle with a table tennis table and begin playing with friends and family

Price- $8.97
3. Prince Premium 4-Player Racket SetFrom
With everything you need for your next table tennis tournament, the Prince Premium 4-Player Racket Set is an ideal addition to your game room. This set includes four custom rackets with an inverted black and red rubber surface to optimize ball control and spin. Additionally included are three orange and three white 3-star table tennis balls. Grab three friends and get the game going with this Premium Racket Set.

4-player table tennis set
Inverted racket surface for ball control and spin
Red/black rubber design
Sponge: 1.0mm
Blade: 5-ply
Handle: 5-ply concave
Includes (4) custom rackets, (3) white 3-star balls, and (3) orange 3-star balls

Price- $29.99
4. Stiga Performance Four-Player Table Tennis Set

Start a doubles match with this 4-player table tennis set from Stiga. The Performance 4-Player Set is perfect for the amateur player that wants to challenge their friends to a competitive game of table tennis. This set offers high-quality, performance rackets with great spin, control, and speed ratings and 3-star balls that are tournament-level for a consistent bounce. The Stiga Performance 4-Player Set is approved by USA Table Tennis (USATT) and is the perfect accessory starter kit for your Stiga table tennis table.
Four performance rackets and six 3-star balls (three white and three orange)
USA Table Tennis (USATT) approved
Racket rubber is inverted for increased ball control and added spin
3-star balls meet ITTF regulations for tournament play

5. Ping-Pong® 4 Player Performance SetFrom

When you start feeling the itch for a table tennis game, you’ll be ready. This Ping-Pong® 4-Player Set features 4 Performance rackets, 3 white three-star balls, and 3 orange three-star balls (we know you lose them). Challenge your family and friends to play with the 5-ply blade and concave Italian composite handle ? perfect for better control and all-around performance. The red/black 1.5mm rubber and inverted pips create maximum spring action and surface against the ball for some high-flying action.The perfect 4-player set for whenever ? and wherever ? a game breaks out
4 Performance rackets, 3 white three-star balls, and 3 orange three-star balls
Inverted pips create maximum spring action and surface against the ball
5-ply blade concave Italian composite handle for better racket control

6. Butterfly Cyclone 2- Player Table Tennis Racket SetFrom
Grab a friend and start a fun game with a classic, old-school feel using the Butterfly Cyclone 2- Player Table Tennis Racket Set. It features a hardbat design, with a pips-out surface and no sponge layer for short, crisp strokes and ample control. It allows the game to have long rallies and allows you to fully control your play.
2-player racket set
Hardbat with no sponge layer 
Pips-out surface
Good for short, crisp strokes
Good for long rallies
Speed Rating: 60
Spin Rating: 50
Control Rating: 90
Includes (3) 1-Star table tennis balls

7. JOOLA Cobra Recreational Table Tennis RacketFrom
The JOOLA Cobra Recreational Table Tennis Racket is the perfect racket for players looking to master the basics with a professional grade racket. The racket utilizes JOOLA technology, such as an Ergo Grip and a flared handle that fuses to your hand for ultimate control. Additionally, the JOOLA Cobra Racket features JOOLA’s Control System Technology for weight reduction through vertical milling in the grip, and to provides more power and ball control without the vibration. You are ensured to have increased speed and spin from the ITTF approved JOOLA Peking rubber. With performance ratings of 40 speed, 44 spin and 92control, you’ll be a pro in no time! 

Start playing like a champion with equipment developed for champions! JOOLA is a proud sponsor of USA Table Tennis.
Preassembled racket ideal for mastering all of the table tennis basics
Incorporates a flared handle with an Ergo Grip that fuses to your hand for the ultimate control 
Utilizes JOOLA’s Control System Technology for weight reduction through vertical milling in the grip and to provide more power and ball control without the vibration
Comes with International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved JOOLA Peking rubber

Price- $11.99
8. Killerspin Premium JET SET Ping Pong Paddles

The JET SET by Killerspin is absolutely perfect for beginners and kids. With a comfortable flare grip and 5-layer wood construction you are sure to improve your game and beat the competition!
The racket is made with a blue and brown wooden handle and high-grade rubber components that provide you with optimal comfort and performance. 
Each set comes with either 3 or 6 of Killerspin’s finest ping pong balls. This set is great for communal use of guests and friends or perfect as a gift for the next ping pong party. 
Get everything you need to upgrade your table tennis experience with the JET SET!

Price- $49.99
9. Ping Pong Paddle Set (4-Player Bundle) 4 Ping Pong PaddlesFrom

Enjoy playing ping pong with all your friends and family with an all-in-one ping pong table tennis set that comes with all the gear need to get a game going! 

Whether you’re just starting to play table tennis and like to practice, want to test skills against friends, you need quality rackets and balls to keep your game going strong. That’s why we created this universal Nibiru Sport Table Tennis Set that comes with high-quality plywood rackets and ping pong balls that help you get the most out of your play. 

Ergonomic Handling 

Each ping pong racket is designed with a flared handle, providing better control over shots; perfect for every level of play. The eco-friendly soft sponge layer provides better bounce back and won’t peel off thanks to the advanced gluing technology. 

Long-Lasting Ball Durability 

The orange and white ping pong balls sets are crafted with 40mm ABS plastic, providing superior rebound and strength during service, hard slams, and netplay. 

Product Details: 

Sniper 3 Star Ping Pong Paddle Set 
Premium Layered Plywood Rackets 
Optimal Weight and Paddle Thickness 
ITTF and USATT Official Standard 3-star 40mm ABS Balls 
Glue, Plywood is Ecofriendly and Recyclable 

4-Player Set Includes: 

Four (4) Ping Pong Rackets (Black and Red) 
Eight (8) Ping Pong Balls (Orange and White) 
Convenient Storage Travel Bag 

Price- $38.90
10. Franklin Sports Optic Paddles – 2 Player

Looking for a new and exciting game for your already expanding game room? Look no further with the Franklin Sports Optic Paddles. These table tennis paddles were designed with the weekend warrior player in mind. This paddle set is fun for all ages. Kids will love the funs colors and dad will love the pips that provide easy ball control. Complete your table tennis game room set with a pair of our table tennis paddle today and get ready to create memories with your family and friends that are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Price- $23.46

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