Match Analysis

Let's look at current Olympic Champion Ding Ning and Olympic hopeful Mima Ito! Japan’s Brightest Star While Tomokazu Harimoto represents
In honor of what would have been the continuing 2020 Olympic Games, let's look at the Women's Team Final between
Continuing with highlighting our USA players, let's look back on the historic match between Kanak Jha of the USA and
Lily Zhang's Best Match Being a U.S. citizen, I always wanted to see U.S. table tennis players hold their own
The Beginning of Mima Ito. Japanese star Mima Ito has had brilliant performances in the last 3 years of her
This match absolutely shook the table tennis world. In a best of 5 match, Miu Hirano, down 0-2, came back
Following the trend from my last post, let's look at another match between Ma Long ("The Dragon") and Fan Zhendong.
Two of the most prominent Chinese players, Ma Long ("The Dragon") and Fan Zhendong, have battled against each other on
A Battle for Supremacy With Japan already announcing Tomokazu Harimoto's entry for the Singles event at the postponed 2020 Olympics